The European Freelancers Week stands in solidarity with those who have been impacted by the events in Ukraine. Visit the European Coworking Assembly to show your support to the affected communities.

The European Freelancers Week stands in solidarity with those who have been impacted by the events in Ukraine. Visit the European Coworking Assembly to show your support to the affected communities.


European Freelancers Week


Connect with industry professionals around the globe – collaborate, share and network through #EFWeek, a 10-day event created especially for you.


You don’t need to navigate the ‘next normal’ alone. #EFWeek invites you to meet others like you, to share your learnings and to solve your biggest challenges. A 10-day celebration dedicated to you.


Celebrating you and the ‘freelance ecosystem in Europe’ to bring about lasting change. 10-days to highlight challenges, to drive solutions and to establish new collaborations through #EFWeek2022.

People Helping People through Coworking: Europe/Ukraine
Coworking in Europe is combining its resources to support our community in Ukraine. This page has the information you need to connect with the people and projects coordinated by and within the Assembly. We are committed to the coworking community in all of Europe, including Ukraine, now and into the future.
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#EFWeek is focused on recognition and community building – providing freelancers the opportunity to come together, focus on issues close to them and take collective action.

The world has changed and freelancers and independent workforces are no longer on the sidelines! Freelancers and independent work forces are driving the new economy, and they are speaking out and creating the world they want to see and work in.

The vision is clear: It is time for collective action and freelancers to come together to drive change.

Freelancers: We are the drivers of the economy

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Freelancers Week aims to:
  1. Generate recognition of the value freelancers bring to the economy and society as well as their role in creating the future of work.
  2. Facilitate community building and connection among freelancers through bottom-up initiatives and collaboration.
  3. Improve conditions for independent working and workers, through learning, sharing, networking and policy action. 
  4. Highlight the challenges that freelancers face, as well as showcase the solutions that are at the vanguard of the future of work.
  5. Showcase the international freelance ecosystems

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Sponsorships and Donations are welcome! We’re looking for freelancer-friendly businesses to come on board as our sponsors. You can help us either with just one local event, or support the entire EU-wide action. In-kind support and special media and promotional offers are also welcome. 



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What #EFWeek offers its participants

We celebrated our seventh annual #EFWeek on 14 to 21 October 2022.
We call on freelance-friendly businesses to come on board as our sponsors by either arranging an event, in-kind donations, monetary sponsorships for our events.
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#EFWeek highlights:

  1. Better options for working and collaboration in coworking spaces to freelancers who are isolated.
  2. Trends and burning issues that freelancers and coworking spaces deal with.
  3. Talent and the ecosystems available to freelancers and coworking spaces through innovative new technologies.

Whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer or have been working as one for years, some of the biggest problems you face are tackled and addressed among the community of Freelancers Week sponsors and supporters. 

Become part of a network of the future of work and new economy enthusiasts driving towards a more inclusive and fair economy for all.


Reboot your enthusiasm by taking part in events where freelancers share their stories – or share your own!


Tell the world how amazing you are! #EFWeek is a chance to share your success stories and gain recognition.


Network with freelancers, find colleagues and contacts, get matched to companies seeking your skills.


Find collaborators for your projects. You can't do everything alone! This is the place to meet new partners.


Become a better freelancer! Take part in workshops to improve your personal business skills.


Start a campaign or get involved in social and political actions to improve freelancers’ work conditions.

But what makes #EFWeek so special?

While many talk about the future of work, the changing face of the global economy, and negotiating the problems and triumphs of the nature of work, the coalition that creates the Freelancers Week sees to it that those changes are being made and shown to the world every day. 

The coworking spaces that participate in the #EFWeek form an infrastructure for the future of work, supporting the freelancers and businesses they work with in creating a future we want to return to.

By speaking for one week with one voice, issues such as payment protections, pension protections, protection in case of illness and disability, and civil rights protections are highlighted as the importance of providing a safety net to the millions who work independently

Through digital conferences such as #EFWeek, opportunities are created to talk to, reflect on, and share what we have learned through where we have been, and chart the course for where we want to go.

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Monetary Sponsorship Packages

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Monetary Sponsorship Packages









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A movement connecting independent professionals across Europe

About the European Freelancers Movement.

Independent Professionals

The number of people working for and by themselves continues to grow. There are now an estimated 11 million independent professionals in Europe, making up 5% of the total workforce. Independent Professionals better known as "Freelancers", are people working in the service sector who are self employed and do not have any employees. The growth of Freelancing is challenging the traditional way of work, as well as the social structures around it. Government aren't sure how to treat freelancers and often ignores or penalises them. As a result, in many different countries, organisations have emerged representing freelancers, raising their concerns, and building solutions to improve freelancers' working conditions.

About the Movement

Europe's growing independent workforce now has a common voice. The European Freelancers' Movement is a network of organisations that represent and support independent workers in various countries. There are freelancers' organisations in Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom. These organisations all network and collaborate through EFIP. The European form of independent professionals published a manifesto calling for better conditions for independent workers. We demanded that government and businesses recognise freelancers, give us a voice, count us properly, give us access, and treat us fairly.

Recognise Freelancers

Give us official status at all levels of government and bureaucracy. Remember us when you create policy that affects us.

Give us Access

Make sure Freelancers can access all government services, bid for official contracts, access training programs, and qualify for funding.

Count us!

Include us in all official statistics, and study our demographic better. Don't put us together with other small business categories.

Give us a Voice

Talk to our representative organisations, give us a seat at the table and appoint an EU freelancers' envoy to champion our concerns.

Treat us Fairly!

Pay us on time! Write contracts that treat us ethically.

Freelancers in Europe
% of European Workforce
European Freelancers' organizations
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But don’t take our word for it:​

“Freelancers are important actors in local and regional ecosystems, as flexible providers of services and as possible future innovative entrepreneurs. #EFWeek is an inspiring example of a bottom-up initiative that brings freelancers together, encourages peer-learning and skills sharing, and connects them to a bigger movement in cities and regions across Europe that supports freelancers as vital contributors to innovation and growth.”

Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the European Committee of the Regions

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