#EFWeek kicked off with the official 2020 Manifesto launch

The fifth European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek), kicked off on Friday, 16 October with an event held by the European Coworking Assembly, in conjunction with Smart Cooperative Belgium, where it officially launched the 2020 Freelancer  Manifesto.  The Manifesto highlights the need for governments, businesses, and other stakeholders in the European economy to find ways to manage […]

Johanna Voll: Full time freelancer

The pandemic has been hard on everyone – some have been retrenched, lost clients and closed down businesses. For others it’s been a rebirth, a change in habits and even a new business that’s kicked off. For Johanna Voll, it has been exactly that. Full time freelancing October 2020 is a month that will stick […]

Why a virtual working community is just what you need this #EFWeek

Working remotely doesn’t have to mean working in isolation Nicole Gray, Founder and Community Manager of Boxed Community has been pioneering the need for connection, networking and skill sharing for ‘digital nomads’ since 2018. This year, she brings to #EFWeek attendees an opportunity to find a ‘home’ while at work ‘home’ (or a coffee shop […]

Meet Nicole Gray, Founder and Community Manager of Boxed Community

 Nicole Gray, the visionary founder of Boxed Community, a virtual coworking and upskilling community, started her career studying hospitality management and from there went into fashion retail and freelance make-up artistry. It was here that she experienced freelance life and the importance for connection and building synergies, having met fellow makeup artists, photographers, wardrobe stylists […]

Happy Dev: Empowering Freelancers And Encouraging Start-Up’s

The freelancing journey can be a challenging one – solving issues out of the project scope, sourcing additional resources and finding new clients to ensure a steady flow of cash is enough to throw any person into a panic spin.  However, there are platforms available and communities to become part of to help navigate the […]

Meet our Founder: Matija Raos

1984 – 2018 Matija Raos was known to many as the driving force behind #EFWeek. Originally from Croatia, he dedicated himself to supporting and advocating for the Coworking community globally. He was described by his peers as “going beyond borders for what he believed in”.  Matija described himself as a design-led problem solver, creative rethinker […]

It is THIS simple to submit your event on #EFWeek

First off let’s clear this up – you needn’t create a ‘special’ event for #EFWeek… whatever activities you have planned for your coworking community, either in person or online (thanks to Covid) – can be part of the European Freelancers week. All you need to do is: Visit the website or follow this link Submit […]

Living the Freelancing dream

For those of you who have listened to the European Coworking Assembly’s Coworking Values Podcast, no introduction is needed for Bernie J Mitchell. For those who haven’t yet, listening to just one of them will introduce Bernie well. Something that stands out very clearly in all the discussions that Bernie has with others is his […]

Meet our founder: Marco Torregrossa

General Coordinator for EFWeek, CEO of Euro Freelancers  Marco Torregrossa advises large and small companies on how to rethink the way they staff their projects and add flexibility to their workforce. His training as an employment lawyer and background as a former EU Commission policy officer has, for the past 15 years, made him a […]

Meet our founder: Joel Dullroy

Freelance Journalist and Reporter for Deutsche Welle Joel Dullroy is a journalist from Australia with nearly 20 years’ worth of experience in the industry, most of which has been spent as a freelance journalist in Germany where he currently works and resides. His personal experience as a freelancer in Germany made Dullroy sensitive to the […]