The European Freelancers Week stands in solidarity with those who have been impacted by the events in Ukraine. Visit the European Coworking Assembly to show your support to the affected communities.

The European Freelancers Week stands in solidarity with those who have been impacted by the events in Ukraine. Visit the European Coworking Assembly to show your support to the affected communities.

Freelancer: 7 of the Best Ways to Get Paid

Get paid as a freelancer

In today’s job market, freelancing has become a popular choice. As a freelancer, one of the necessary aspects of your journey is getting paid for your skills and services.  Whether you are a new or veteran freelancer, fair pay can be a challenge. The value of your work may vary on a variety of factors […]

How Loneliness Impacts Freelancers and Why Organisations Need To Help Reduce Its Impact

In today’s interconnected world, where virtual communication and remote work have become the norm, a silent pandemic has been spreading: loneliness. Loneliness knows no boundaries and affects people from all walks of life. However, it often hits freelancers particularly hard, exacerbating the challenges they face in their professional lives. To better understand this spreading issue […]

The Reality of Harassment: Protecting Freelancers in Europe

Trigger warning: discussion of different types of harassment  As a freelancer, working in the gig economy can be both rewarding and challenging. Freelancers have the freedom to choose their work and schedule, but they also face unique challenges such as inconsistent income and a lack of job security. However, one often overlooked issue that freelancers […]

Find Clients Online to Become a Digital Nomad

Author: SafetyWing A fully nomadic lifestyle…it’s the dream. From workdays planned around surf swells to champagne powder ski destinations, being a digital nomad has plenty of perks, but it isn’t always sustainable. The hustle for how to get clients is a constant struggle as you’ll need to stand out amongst workers who agree to work […]

A Recession: What it Will Be and How to Overcome It

Whenever the word ‘recession’ starts creeping into the news, individuals, corporates, and small businesses start to feel the pressure that the idea causes and what this will mean for their company. Whilst other nations have declared that they are in a recession, the United Kingdom has not publicly acknowledged that the country is in the […]

Freelancing and The Role It Plays In Inclusive Economic Development

Freelancing has benefits, not just to the freelancer themselves, but also to the community that they trade in. Freelancing contributes a fair bit of fund and job creation to the economy, making it a role that is versatile and beneficial.  The freelancing sector also contributes immensely to inclusive economic development (IED).   What is IED? Inclusive […]

Freelance Business Community on Being a Partner with #EFWeek

The Freelance Business Community has been an European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek) partner for more than two years. Elina Jutelyte, founder of Freelance Business Community, and spoke to us about why she chose to partner with #EFWeek and what the future holds for the partnership.  About Freelance Business Month Elina started Freelance Business Community four years […]

The Growth of the Creator Economy 2022

The creator economy is growing. According to a recent report by ConvertKit, 24% of creators participating in a research study only began within the last two years.  This growth in people and businesses whose work is to create interesting and engaging content,  is influenced by the rise in use of digital technology for work, socialising […]

The Impact of the Great Resignation on Freelancing

During the past few years, much of the population had to work from home or had to take a hybrid approach to working. Because of this, many came to the conclusion that they were not satisfied with their current careers.  There were many factors at play, some of which were purely personal, but other important […]

Freelancing: The Good, The Bad, and The Unexpected

Change seems to have been the only constant over the past two years, and the workplace has been impacted immensely by this evolution. The ‘Great Resignation’ has led to millions of employees in America and Europe choosing to leave their jobs for many reasons, but for many due to a deterioration in work-life balance. This […]

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