Find Clients Online to Become a Digital Nomad

Author: SafetyWing A fully nomadic lifestyle…it’s the dream. From workdays planned around surf swells to champagne powder ski destinations, being a digital nomad has plenty of perks, but it isn’t always sustainable. The hustle for how to get clients is a constant struggle as you’ll need to stand out amongst workers who agree to work […]

A Recession: What it Will Be and How to Overcome It

Whenever the word ‘recession’ starts creeping into the news, individuals, corporates, and small businesses start to feel the pressure that the idea causes and what this will mean for their company. Whilst other nations have declared that they are in a recession, the United Kingdom has not publicly acknowledged that the country is in the […]

Freelancing Communities Rely on IDEA

IDEA Image

In our #EFWeek2022 kick-off event on Monday 17 October, Tash Thomas, Director of IDEA with the ECA was in conversation with host, Elina Jutelyte, founder of Freelance Business Month, about the freelance community and the role Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) play. Freelancing is a career choice people make based on their needs. Some […]

Freelance Network Italia Brings You Freelance Fun in Milan this #EFWeek

Barbara Reverberi, is an experienced and passionate journalist-turned-freelancer since 2012 and is the founder of Freelance Network Italia, established in 2017. At first it started as a Facebook group to share knowledge and combat the feeling of loneliness, and now entails so much more. From training, fundamental freelance support and resources, this passion-project of Barbara’s has […]

Freelance Business Community, for the Betterment of Freelancing

In our industry, collaboration is key! It’s at the heart of what we do, it’s a need in our blood to connect with others, it’s a necessary principle to make a somewhat lonely journey more crowded. It’s a calling to be part of an ecosystem of independent professionals working towards a common goal. Seeing the […]

#EFWeek Manifesto: a Worthy Cause to Get Behind

Are you a freelancer or do you know a freelancer? Did you know that freelancers are the only people in Europe who can quite legally be discriminated against, paid substandard wages, and be denied work based on their age, gender, sex, religion, creed, race, or national origin?  We do not often think about it, but […]

Counting down to #EFWeek2022, 14 – 21 October

We are in the final stretch to the beginning of the seventh annual European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek), with just 14 days to go. This year, the theme of #EFWeek2022 is; Freelancers: We are the drivers of the economy. In a first for #EFWeek, the theme was voted on by the public on social media and […]

Mark Your Diary for #EFWeek2022: 14 to 21 October

The seventh annual European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek) is fast approaching. This year we celebrate with the theme: Freelancers, the drivers of the economy.  The theme was chosen to highlight the fact that freelancers contribute to the European economy in many ways through their work, and not all the ways are acknowledged. In fact, during 2020 […]

How to tell Your Grandparents that You Are a Freelancer

Many think that freelancing is a difficult concept to explain to our grandparents. But, did you know that it has been around for more than a century?  It can be difficult to explain to your grandparents why you chose freelancing and not a traditional nine-to-five office job. Here is how you can explain to your […]

Freelancing and The Role It Plays In Inclusive Economic Development

Freelancing has benefits, not just to the freelancer themselves, but also to the community that they trade in. Freelancing contributes a fair bit of fund and job creation to the economy, making it a role that is versatile and beneficial.  The freelancing sector also contributes immensely to inclusive economic development (IED).   What is IED? Inclusive […]