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Where there’s light, there’s now internet

Internet use is exploding. Video streaming, IoT devices and so many cloud-based services. With data traffic increasing exponentially, many in-house networks are literally running out of bandwidth. So, here’s the next big thing: use light waves to carry the data. Rapidly, reliably, securely. Trulifi is immune to radio signal interference and ideal in places where many networks overlap, like in coworking spaces. Also, Trulifi is fast. By upgrading to this highly reliable performance network you’ll eradicate momentary glitches during that important meeting. Crucially Trulifi also adds an extra layer of physical security as light waves can’t penetrate walls. So on top of the regular AES 128-bit encryption, Trulifi has you covered.

LiFi for secure and high-performance coworking networks

Several trends in the evolution of coworking have increased the demand for better connectivity in coworking spaces. The increased use of cloud-based tools and platforms make high performance connectivity a crucial asset. Video calling and streaming, and online collaboration tools like Teams and Skype also demand a rock-steady connection.


For real estate owners, Trulifi can increase the value of the space by offering members stable, fast and secure network access. Coverage for mobile devices on the Wi-Fi is then also improved. And by integrating this alternative to network cables directly into the ceiling the flexibility of the space can be easily and cost-effectively maintained.


Trulifi is ideal for open plan office spaces, flex desk areas, and rooms requiring high-speed internet connections for online meetings and the like. Smart hand-over and interference management turn wireless connectivity into a hassle-free experience. And the provision of access keys and strictly defined communications areas ensures absolute security at all times.


Introducing our cutting-edge communications technology can be very attractive for coworking business managers and developers to to drive memberships and bookings. Imagine how a Trulifi equipped meeting room can generate a new value-added service to your offering.   

Trulifi 6002 System

Infrared - works with the lights on, dimmed and off

Net speed up to 200 Mbps / 150 Mbps

Coverage 2.4m diameter (depending on ceiling height)

USB access key connection

Windows and MacOS compatible


Trulifi 6002 transceiver in acoustic ceiling panel

Transceivers in ceiling holders

Transceiver in acoustic ceiling panel with lighting

Trulifi 6002 USB access key

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